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CCII's mission is to bring material, medical, educational
and caring support for orphaned, abandoned and disadvantaged children
all over the world , regardless of their race, religion, or national identity.

Answering a Plea for Help...

The collapse of Communism in the former Soviet Union and its satellites at the close of the last century created internal dislocations, job losses, depression and widespread anxiety.  Many children were abandoned or sent to orphanages, which quickly became overcrowded. 

At the same time, services that the State had formerly supplied the orphanages and clinics for ill or disabled children quickly broke down.  The new republics, themselves struggling through a difficult restructuring, were unable to make up the deficiency.  Institutions suffered shortages of qualified workers and basic necessities.

Professionals appealed for help from colleagues in the United States, and in 1990, volunteers responded.  As the requests for aid grew, it became clear that a coordinating and fund-raising organization was needed.  Cross Cultural International Institute (CCII), a New Jersey based 501c3 (not-for-profit, tax-exempt) corporation was established.

CCII's core goal, of course, is to give these less fortunate children the care, tools and support that will allow them to grow into physically and emotionally healthy, balanced adults.

When children are given basic developmental opportunities for growth, society at large also benefits.  Without help in overcoming physical and emotional deprivation, children too often compensate as adults with destructive behavior.  With caring support, these children, instead of becoming burdens to their communities, will be able to contribute to these communities making a better tomorrow for all.


A Better Tomorrow...

Direct Relief...



Today, under the New Hope for Children Branch, CCII's acquires and sends vital materials, such as blankets, clothing, educational supplies, and medical aid to orphanages and other child-care institutions.  Projects are underway to develop food and nutrition programs, including constructing greenhouses and bakeries that will make the orphanages more self-sustaining.

CCII also provides hand-on assistance in child-care facilities.  Teams of American volunteer physicians and surgeons, psychotherapists, nurses and educators have gone to Russia, Ukraine and other Eastern European countries.  Traveling under CCII auspices, and often at their own expense, they work with their local counterparts helping children with diagnosis and treatment, corrective surgeries, trauma recovery, and rehabilitation for children with disabilities. 





All children must leave orphanages at age 17.  Career development for orphaned and institutionalized children is a critical need. In partnership with UAC Ukraine, CCII supports scholarship programs that find U.S sponsors willing to support these young people through university, special institute study, or trade schools, where they obtain valuable employment skills. 

And, art, exchange programs with American school children stimulate classroom interest, creativity, and self confidence, preparing these orphaned and institutionalized children for the world outside which they soon must enter.

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